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How to properly bathe your dog, are you doing it right?

Bathing is prohibited in the following situations, which will affect the dog’s health.

  1. During pregnancy and lactation, the dog’s body is very weak during this process. If you take a bath again, it will easily cause the dog to get sick.
  2. During the period of illness and injury, bathing the dog in this case will make the situation worse, which can easily lead to hypoglycemia and shock, and contact with water can stimulate wound infection.
  3. The puppies who have just brought home have poor resistance and cannot adapt to the new environment. Bathing will make them fearful, and they need to wait at least one month later.
  4. Dogs who have just received the vaccine or are waiting for the vaccine should not take a bath immediately. Dogs that have completed the injection need to be observed for more than a week. Dogs waiting for the vaccine must wait for the vaccine injection to complete and pass the observation period before they can take a bath.
  5. During the period of estrus, it is also not allowed to take a bath, which will infect its reproductive organs with bacteria.

For most dogs, it is enough to take a bath once half a month, except for playing and getting dirty. There are also a very few dogs with excessively oily fur, such as Buggy hounds, which can be washed twice a month. Three times, dogs that use hair to increase resistance will get sick if they take a bath regularly. For example, Alaska, Bernese Mountain, Golden Retriever, Satsuma, etc., need to reduce the number of baths and comb the hair with a comb.

After deciding when to take a bath and when not to take a bath, let us understand how to bathe them properly.

First, you need to prepare a dry towel, pet shampoo, hair dryer, comb, non-slip mat, and some small snacks.

The preparations were done, and then we started to help it take a bath.

  1. Add the amount of water first, the water temperature is close to the body temperature, the depth of the water depends on the size of the dog, it is best not to exceed the abdomen, too deep water will cause it to panic. (Put in a non-slip mat to prevent it from slipping while taking a bath)
  2. Start washing from its back, wet the hair with water first, comb the hair with a comb, mark the dirty areas and the knotted areas of the hair, and then gently rub the diluted pet shampoo. (If it’s the first time to take a bath, start with the feet and slowly reduce its fear. You can reward it with snacks.)
  3. After washing the back, start to wash the head, avoiding its eyes and ears to prevent water from entering. If it is unavoidable, you can put two cotton balls in its ears in advance to prevent water.
  4. Immediately after washing, use a dry towel to wipe the water on the dog’s body, and then dry the hair. Do not let it stay outdoors, indoors, in a hot or air-conditioned environment to prevent the dog from catching a cold.
  5. The hair dryer uses cold air to completely dry the hair. Pay attention to the ears, neck, and underarms. If the water does not dry, it is easy to cause various skin diseases, which requires special attention.
  6. After completion of the above, start cleaning bath tool, and a bath complete its work.
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David wei

David wei

Hello, I'm David, the author of this article.

I have loved dogs since I was a kid. I have three dogs and a cat in my family. Because of my passion, I have been engaged in the pet industry after graduation. I have been in the pet industry for 5 years now. Now I want to share with you some tips for keeping pets. Hopefully it helped you.

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