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How to treat the development trend and future of the pet industry

The earliest pet food was born in 1860, sold and produced by James Spratt of the United States, and opened the pet market ever since.

After 161 years of development, the pet industry extends from the food so far, led to the development of many pet surrounding the industry, such as pet food, pet grooming, pet care, pet training, pet care, pet supplies, pet clothing, pets, pet funeral, Pet Insurance And a series of industries.

According to Euromonitor International’s survey data, the United States has the largest consumption of pet products in the world, followed by China and Europe. The survey shows that the average consumption of pets in the northern hemisphere is higher than that of the southern hemisphere, and developed countries are higher than developing countries.

Globally, more and more families are willing to keep pets and treat them as family members, willing to spend for them.

In the fierce competition in today’s society more and more, people generally lack a sense of loneliness, want to accompany understand at the same time, the demand for pets is growing.

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David wei

David wei

Hello, I'm David, the author of this article.

I have loved dogs since I was a kid. I have three dogs and a cat in my family. Because of my passion, I have been engaged in the pet industry after graduation. I have been in the pet industry for 5 years now. Now I want to share with you some tips for keeping pets. Hopefully it helped you.

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