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VIONEER GROUP to benefit from the expertise acquired in the field of electronic equipment, electronic equipment out from the manufacturer, consistent with new ideas to create ecological chain of animal products, from safety to locate care, from cleaning to comfort, to nutritious food, Carefully explore the most comfortable experience for pets.

Our vision

Caring is not only about human beings, but VIONEER GROUP also treats small animals with a dedication and caring attitude, and treats every animal with heart.

Our goal 

Our goal is to create the safest, most comfortable brands of animal products, including providing protection for wildlife, we never stop the pace of exploration.

Our expectations for the future

With the improvement of the global economy, the scale of keeping pets is gradually increasing every year, and each family’s expenditure on pets is also increasing.


Our team’s values

Start working with a clear goal and a winning attitude, we will think of what we want to achieve, and we will overcome all difficulties and ultimately succeed.

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